Why do a Reverse Kegel? Part 2

Published August 15, 2022 tag category
Why do a Reverse Kegel? Part 2

Sexless Marriages – Can They Work?

Can sexless marriages actually work out fine? Can a marriage that is cold in the bedroom still be full of intimacy, love and happiness? Is a lack of sex in marriage a death knell to marital bliss – or can you build something better despite the physical act of sex not playing a big part? If you are in a sexless marriage you might be wondering just these questions if you still love your partner but are not sure where your sexless marriage is heading.

The Secrets Of Female Sexuality – What Your Woman Will Do If You Fail To Sexually Satisfy Her

In this article you are going to discover secrets about female sexuality that most men will never know… The subject of this article will be what happens when you fail to SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman.

Want To Learn How To Meet A Girl For Sex? Follow These Three Tips

It’s great to be in love and have a great long term relationship. But what happens to you, when you don’t have that special someone in your life? Well you either lose a lot of money on prostitutes or your right hand becomes your best friend.

Sex Tips – 3 Variations Of The Missionary Position That Are Guaranteed To Get You And Your Woman Off

Discover how to take the missionary position and make it more fun and exciting for you and your woman. In this article you’ll discover not 1 or 2, but 3 different ways to supercharge the good old missionary position. So read on now and start having MUCH BETTER SEX tonight.

Have You Found ‘The Spot’?

Not all women like having their G-spot stimulated. Many women find the initial touch of the area uncomfortable, but through mutually-agreed upon stimulation (manual or with a vibrator) some lucky women can have a G-spot orgasm. Typically stimulation on the G-spot alone will not be enough; the stimulation will need to be in combination with other erogenous zones.

Of Alcohol, Cigarettes and Sex

Rightly or wrongly, Hollywood exerted, and continues to exert, pressure, worldwide, in setting culture trends and stereotypes. One of these is the convergence of women, wine, and cigarettes around sex. They have become so ingrained in people’s psyche that if sex was a stage, it would be bare without wine and cigarettes as decors.

There’s More Than One Way to Drive Her Wild

The ways to make a woman reach orgasm are varied and specific to each individual woman. Some women can only experience clitoral orgasms; others can reach orgasm from G-spot stimulation. Still other women respond to stimulation of the deep spot. Paying attention to your partner’s response and learning her body will give you the best odds of making her reach orgasm.